Darby Rose

Darby Statistics:
i am 28.
i have a dog named rufus, who i have had for 10 years since he was 8 weeks old. i am only 4' 11'', but i look super hott in heels.
i am very easy going, 420 friendly only please. i hate drama, my life should not
be a plot line from the kinky version of days of our lives.
i love tattoos... and need more!!!!!
i have had my nose pierced since i was 15 and i will NEVER take it out.
music is the beat of my heart, and the blood in my veins... i eat sleep and
breath music all kinds but mostly, rock, classic rock, 70 and 80s era
american punk, grrl rock, classical, jazz, industrial, goth, 80's, surf rock,
bossa nova....
i am a certified pastry chef (hence the whisk tattoo on my inner right wrist)
i love to model and preform.
i am an exhibitionist at heart, i get off on your reaction to me:)
some day when im old with wrinkly tattooed skin i can look back and i can say
hott damn!

i have a porn site that i try to updae regularly... its filled with all kinds of taboo stuff! http://www.mygirlfund.com/DarbyxxxRose